Special vehicle conversions

Customised solutions for all requirements

Our range of services includes a number of special vehicles, including commercial vehicles, special vehicles for use by the police and internal security, disaster control, defence and municipal service providers. Whether you need a customised vehicle for a certain purpose or would like to optimise an existing vehicle fleet, we are there to assist you with our expertise.


Maximum safety and efficiency in use

The production of vehicles for the police & internal security is a specialised process that aims to satisfy the particular requirements and needs of the police as well as of the customs, judicial and other security services. These vehicles, such as personnel vehicles, radio patrol cars or special operation vehicles, are often equipped with a multitude of gear, safety adjustments, communication systems and technology in order to ensure more effective and safer police operations.


Rescuers in extreme situations

The quality and reliability of these vehicles are crucial, as they must be able to save lives and offer protection in critical situations. The process begins with the selection of a suitable base model that is then modified according to the requirements of the operation. This can be an off-road vehicle, a van, an HGV or even a specially developed chassis. The vehicles are equipped with specialised superstructures and independent energy sources that vary depending on the intended purpose. Examples are rescue vehicles, mobile command centres or emergency communication vehicles.


Defence solutions

Our services and products are also tailored to the requirements in the military sector and meet the highest standards for maintaining security and functionality.

The components used, including digital radio, high-power antennas and blue light bars, offer reliability and safety in a challenging environment. The complete integration of conversion kits is also part of our portfolio.


An important role in infrastructure, logistics and mobility

For the economy and municipalities, special vehicle conversions play a critical role in supporting the daily operation of companies and public administration, as well as tram maintenance departments. All types of commercial vehicles satisfy the increasing requirements for sustainability and efficiency and are growing in importance.


Delivery bottlenecks? Limited financial resources?

Get retrofitted emergency vehicles QUICKLY and AFFORDABLY with us! Retrofitting and reconversion in special vehicle conversions refers to the adaptation and modification of vehicles for changed requirements, purposes or new technological developments. Outdated technology can be replaced by modern systems. The original operational requirements of a special vehicle can change over time. Through retrofitting and reconversion, the vehicle can be adapted to new tasks or deployment scenarios. Retrofitting and reconversion must meet all valid requirements and safety standards. These can also include compliance with standards for special industries such as the military or public safety.


Constantly electrified in use

Special vehicles on battery-electric and hybrid platforms open up more environmentally friendly and powerful aspects in various areas of use – from delivery vehicles to special vehicles for use in cities and communities. At MOSOLF Special Vehicles, these are sometimes implemented with in-house solutions.


Our strength lies in our versatility – the MOSOLF Group is made up of highly specialised individual companies, business units and joint ventures that come together to form an unbeatable combination. This flexible structure offers many advantages that make a difference.
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