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Quality as a principle

Building on the foundation of passenger cars and vans, we create vehicles with customer-specific features. With years of experience, this results in high-quality emergency vehicles for various purposes.


The core element of the project

Our team is made up of highly qualified engineers, designers and specialists who integrate their comprehensive expertise into the development of special vehicles.

We work in close collaboration with our customers to understand their specific requirements and develop tailored solutions that meet their needs. From the concept development to the design and construction through to the production and commissioning, we support you through the entire development process.

We attach great importance to quality, reliability and efficiency here. Every vehicle is produced in accordance with strict standards and undergoes extensive quality checks.

Special vehicle conversions

Customised solutions for all requirements

Our range of services includes a number of special vehicles, including commercial vehicles, special vehicles for use by the police and internal security, disaster control, defence and municipal service providers. Whether you need a customised vehicle for a certain purpose or would like to optimise an existing vehicle fleet, we are there to assist you with our expertise.


An important quality element

In today’s automotive industry, electronics, electrical components and other accessories play an important role. They are the backbone and contribute to reliability, safety and efficiency. Our internal production of products offers a series of advantages.


Our quality commitment

At MOSOLF we rely on the highest quality standards in each step of the development and production process. We use premium materials and modern technologies to make sure that our solutions meet the highest demands.

Motor vehicles – accessories

Capture attention and communicate seamlessly

We understand the unique requirements and challenges that vehicles for security authorities and organisations (BOS) face and offer a wide range of products that strive to optimise the efficiency, safety and performance of these vehicles.


Our strength lies in our versatility – the MOSOLF Group is made up of highly specialised individual companies, business units and joint ventures that come together to form an unbeatable combination. This flexible structure offers many advantages that make a difference.
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